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Our history.

02 Sep 1974
02 Sep 1974

Drive’s establishment

With the advent of pneumatic tools and the development of multiple robotic systems, the demand for high quality and functional tools has grown.

In response to this, Drive’s was established in 1974 as a manufacturing company specializing in the production of impact sockets and custom-made tools.

Thanks to a production process developed with advanced technologies in the field of cold forged steel, Drive’s has always been able to provide a full range of specific high quality solutions for industrial tightening problems.

Throughout the years, Drive’s has built long term relationships with its clients and suppliers in order to provide exceptional customer service, pursuing business through innovation and advanced technologies.

With a dedicated technical support department, a CNC machine tool workshop and a repair/maintenance division, Drive’s offers a complete package of products and services in order to fully assist and serve the customer from the enquiry to the after-sale.

Drive’s also offers a test laboratory where quality control and destruction and durability tests are performed on the products.

Drive’s impact sockets are made of high resistance extra alloy steels according to the ISO 2725-2 and ISO 1174-2 standards, and black finished.

Thanks to a highly flexible and dynamic production process, Drive’s is able to produce customized sockets and tools upon demand.

05 Sep 1983
05 Sep 1983

Introduction of the Yokota – Toku – Red Rooster line

To meet the grooving demand of the automotive and home appliance industry, Drive’s has introduced the following brands, becoming the exclusive distributor:

Yokota: Industrial Airtools and Hi-Tec Impulse Wrenches (pneumatic, electric and cordless)

Toku: Industrial Airtools, Impact Wrenches for the Professional Workshop, Air Hoists and Winches

Red Rooster: Industrial Airtools, Automotive Airtools Air Hoists and Winches

05 Sep 1988
05 Sep 1988

Introduction of the Alkitronic line

To meet the growing demand of the market for torque controlled shut-off tools, Drive’s has introduced Alkitronic pneumatic, electric and manual torque multipliers.

14 Sep 1999
14 Sep 1999

Introduction of the TorcUP line

To meet the growing demand of the market for high torque wrenches (up to 80.000Nm), Drive’s has introduced TorcUP hydraulic wenches and torque wrenches (pneumatic and cordless).

03 Sep 2007
03 Sep 2007

TorcUP Med establishment

From a Drive’s product line, TorcUP Med has been established as the official distributor of TorcUP tools in the Mediterranean area.

14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015

Introduction of the TORQ Fusion line

To meet the specific needs of the industrial vehicle sector, Drive’s has introduced the TORQ Fusion pneumatic and cordless torque wrenches, becoming the exclusive distributor.

10 Sep 2019
10 Sep 2019

Opening of the branch in Belgium

Drive’s has opened a branch in Nidrum (BE), to follow the customers of the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) areas.

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Why us

Our values.


All products in our offer are characterized by high quality.


Our customers can always count on our products and on the technical advice of our highly specialized staff.


Over the years, Drive’s has established long-term business and technology cooperation relationships with its customers and provided excellent services, focusing on continuous innovation through the use of advanced technologies.