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Thanks to a long lasting experience in the field of industrial tightenings, Drive’s is able to supply a wide range of products, special tools, winches, hoists and wrenches.

Impact sockets

Impact sockets manufactured according to the ISO 2725-2 and ISO 1174-2 standards, in special extra alloy steel and black phosphatized..

Industrial tools

A wide range of Yokota – Toku – Red Rooster penumatic, electric and battery tools for industrial applications.

Hoists and winches

Industrial machines for material handling. Air hoists for lifting and winches for pulling.



Torque wrenches

Continuous rotation pneumatic and battery torque wrenches for controlled torque tightenings combined with high speed of execution.

Hydraulic wrenches

Square drive or ratchet link hydraulic torque wrenches, the simplest and most reliable solution for every tightening problem.

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