TORQFusion designs and manufactures innovative continuous rotation pneumatic and battery torque wrenches. TORQFusion torque wrenches assure excellent versatility and accuracy (+/-5%) even in the most demanding applications where high torque and high speed are required. The TORQFusion pneumatic torque wrenches GT-PSS series and the battery GT-EBS are available with square drive from 3/4” up to 1”1/2 and torque from 270 up to 3.500Nm (200 to 3.500ft/lbs). The TORQFusion continuous rotation battery torque wrenches GT-EBS series monitor both torque and angle.

TORQFusion attributes its success to listening to customers and developing ergonomic solutions designed to enhance productivity.  An example is the InteliTORQ FRL unit that can store in its built-in memory up to 4 calibration certificates and allows to set the target torque instead of the related pressure.

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